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Participants and Awardees at the Grand Finale of the FoodFood Awards, Mumbai

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At a Glance

Cuisine India Foundation:

A members-only collective forged from a deep belief in the wealth, versatility, diversity and complexity of India’s Taste Journey, and all it holds for India and the World.



The Foundation aims to be a conduit between India and countries around the world – introducing the best of the world to India and the best of India to the world.

Thanks to technology, tourism, and the diaspora, India’s cuisine has gained global currency. However, it needs to be moderated, guided & refined to place India at Home with the World, and make The World at Home in India.



The Indian environmental ethos declares that everything belongs together and is bound in a physical and metaphysical relationship. It views life as a gift of togetherness and of mutual accommodation and assistance in a universe teeming with interdependent constituents.

India’s approach to the environment is a part of its living legacy - a hope and promise for India and the rest of the world.

CIFLogo (1).png

Tenets & Vision

Cuisine India Foundation is an exclusive platform for the finest F&B and HORECA brands. The guiding principle behind the Foundation’s operations is: active and seamless knowledge exchange.

  • Harbour Heritage      

  • Benchmark Quality      

  • Stage Experiences      

  • Shape Atmospherics      

  • Leverage Technology      

  • Global Outreach      

  • Honor Sensitivities

  • Establish Market Presence      

  • Navigate Regulations      

  • Develop Verified Networks      

  • Build Strategic Partnerships      

  • Exchange Culinary Experiences      

  • Co-create through Alliances      

  • Develop Common Marketing Front 

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